Pump to the River

Dear Pump to the River Friends,

Today we were advised that the Senate approved PTR language in the Water Bill has been excluded by the conference committee of the House & Senate.  Accordingly, we will have to look for another vehicle, such as the stand alone Bill before Sen. Boxer's committee to proceed. 

In the meantime, we are entering into an agreement to pledge $30,000 of the PTR Jefferson/Orleans fund of an estimated total of $400,000 pool to pay for an independent study by a nationally recognized firm to pin down the exact cost of Options 2, 2a - PTR.  It is our understanding the Parish of Jefferson, the N.O. Sewerage & Water Board and the State of Louisiana have agreed to pledge $100,000 each to underwrite the cost of this study.   We are also pleased to hear that Southwest levee will pledge 25%. 

The following release from Sen. Vitter further explains the details of the developments from the House & Senate Conference Committee. Click here to read statement from Senator Vitter

Joseph Rault
Rault Resources Group